Fortress Tactical - Asheville, NC

Located west of Asheville NC, Fortress Enterprises was founded in 2003, and incorporated as Fortress Tactical, LLC in 2008. We specialize in Primary Weapons firearms, AR15/AR10 uppers, suppressors and short-barrel rifles. Because we exist as a small business, we're able to focus our efforts on offering quality service, fast shipping, and personal attention. We do not operate a physical location, so our products are not put on display or handled by customers prior to sale. Feel free to check out our website customer reviews here, and Gunbroker feedback here.

We will never succeed in business without honesty & integrity. Relationships always take precedence over sales. This is our foundation.

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Purchased a new MK118 from Mike at Fortress Tactical for a night coyote rifle. This is my first PWS rifle, and I was looking for a piston AR because we use suppressors on our night rifles. Mike's service was impeccable, and he will stay in business for a long time by providing the type of service he did with my order. The rifle is shooting .5 MOA with Hornady 53 grain V-MAX Superformance with the suppressor and D-750 night scope. This is just what the doctor ordered for my coyote business. I will be buying from Fortress Tactical in the future. This purchase was a WIN-WIN in terms of service, and a very accurate and smooth shooting rifle.

Raymond McIntyre - Sebring, FL

I recently purchased a new rifle from Mike at Fortress Tactical. The whole process was really easy! Their website is easy to use, they don't charge a premium to use a credit card, and when they say 'in stock' - they really mean it. Since the gun had to be shipped to my local FFL, Mike sent an email right after I placed the order letting me know that he would contact me when he received the info. He did so, and the gun was in the mail the same day. I couldn't be more pleased with the service that I received from Fortress. Oh yea, and I love the new rifle!

Paul - Medina, OH

As soon as I unboxed this beast I took it to the grounds and put about 800 rounds through it. I was tempted to open another box of ammo because of how absolutely impressed I was. Furthermore, Mike exhibits some of the best customer service from any online store I have ever worked with. This business is on the east coast, and it was well past midnight when I shot him a text - he responded right away to all my questions. As a military service member who has put some time behind various weapons systems stateside and in deployment, I can attest to the reliability of PWS products in comparison to what we carry, and the service I received in obtaining this piece was unlike any other. Mike treats his customers like he wants to be treated, and I have nothing but respect for that. Not to mention this was priced about 300-400 dollars less than every other site I looked at. If you are going to shop for a new system, I would not hesitate to recommend Fortress Tactical and the service that Mike offers.

Kevin - Colorado Springs, CO

Buying something for $1200 that you have not been able to see or touch is a bit anxiety-inducing (at least for me), so the handling of a significant purchase like this is more critical to me than my typical small purchases. These days most companies have mail order down to a science, so it must be difficult to stand out. Even so, the communication, speed of shipping, condition of the item, packaging, and the initial purchase price were all outstanding. Just as some icing on the cake, I received a couple of goodies that weren't even in the original description of my AR pistol. I don't like to give 5 star reviews unless it is earned, but Mike & Co simply did a great job, and this review is well-deserved. Fortress Tactical will be a first stop the next time I have a wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket.

Rob - Kansas City, MO

I was a first-time buyer in the AR platform when I purchased the AAC 300BLK pistol w/Sig brace from Fortress Tactical. Mike was very patient, and answered my many questions and texts. His customer service was EXCELLENT. He went out of his way to install a few items I ordered from him that weren't listed on his website, but he happened to have on hand (Mako's Fab pistol grip and magwell grip). Anyone who has done any research already knows Fortress has the best prices ANYWHERE, and not by a little either. This won't be the last firearm I buy from Mike. He's earned my loyalty (and that's not easy, my wife calls me a fastidious researching freak)!!! Oh, and the gun ran flawlessly with both subs and supers - right out of the box.

Randy - MPLS

I wish I had two more hands so I could give the guys at Fortress Tactical four thumbs up! Especially Mike - it didn't matter if it was 6am in the morning or 11pm at night. If I had a question, I would shoot him a text message and get a response lighting fast. Seriously, I don't know what this guy does, except sit in front of his computer and field calls 24/7. Delivery was super fast, and I really enjoyed the extras. I can't say enough good things about these guys and their competitive pricing on high-end rifles and class III gear. Add in an A+ for customer service, and it doesn't get any better than this. I'm sending everyone I know their way!

Alexander - US Army (ret), Founder & Lead Instructor - Razorback Tactical Solutions

I want to thank Fortress Tactical for responding quickly and completely to all my inquires in regards to my purchase. Not only did they answer all my questions, but when it was time to buy, they didn't price-gouge me. In these historic times everyone is very low on stock and high on demand. This gives some FFL dealers license to jack up their prices through the roof! Not at Fortress Tactical. They offer quality products at fair prices. Shipping was prompt, and I was kept in constant contact throughout the transaction. I would not hesitate to contact Fortress for assistance again, and would be glad to refer them to anyone who needs help. Thanks for everything!

I've been waiting for someone to get my XDM in stock, and I'm glad it was you guys! Your customer service was great! Fortress responded to my questions very quickly, and notified me at every step of the purchase - from the initial order confirmation, right down to the ship date and tracking info. Thanks very much to the Fortress Tactical team for a pleasant buying experience!!

Jeffrey - Indiana

Just wanted to drop you guys a quick note and tell you how much I appreciate your service. I can assure you that I will recommend you guys to anyone and everyone I work with. It's so refreshing to see a company with real people going the extra mile, and striving not only for your success, but your customers success and satisfaction as well. Kudos guys - you've earned yourselves a customer for life.

Patrick - Texas

I want to thank you for your quick and professional service! Not only did you get the product to me in a timely manner, but you were also able to exchange an item in my order at the last minute, and everything seemed to be packed with time & care. Be assured that you have a customer in CDS Protective Services...

Alex Gonzalez- CEO, CDS Protective Services

I have purchased two TASER X26C's over the last three years through you all. My first order was based on comparative research, and I ended up being so impressed with the quality, speed, and value of service you provided, I didn't pause for a moment in considering who I would purchase from the second time. To my pleasant surprise, not only has Fortress stuck around over the last few years, you've thrived. I know why, and it is well-deserved. I was able to get a REAL VALUE on my second TASER, as well as a well-designed, high-quality holster. The improvements to your website, your commitment to excellence as a business, the genuine love for the products you sell, and appreciation for your customers all shine through in every transaction! Thank you for being 'real' at a time when most businesses today are most certainly not!

Matt - WiseFromWithin

After placing my order online, I received immediate order confirmation, and then my TASER C2 arrived promptly by mail. The instructions were clear, and I easily trained my wife on the operation of the unit. Now I feel much safer leaving home at night with TASER's immobilization technology staying behind to protect my family. Customers of Fortress Tactical can count on personal attention, and it's a pleasure doing business with an outfit that displays this level of professionalism!

Brian - NC

Fortress Tactical is an excellent company with superb products and outstanding service. My order was placed on a Sunday afternoon, and I was immediately responded to. The products I ordered arrived fast and well-packed. I will recommend Fortress Tactical to all members of our department without any hesitation. Thank you for your professional and friendly help.

Zbynek Jonak - Los Angeles Sheriff's Department

I would like to thank you for the friendly support, the answers my questions, fast delivery, and the pamphlet. I have been deployed for the past 2 years, and it really helps the transition of returning to find businesses that give personal attention. Thanks to your support the correct TASER was chosen, the holster is great, the order was received in less than 3 days, and I was reminded of our priorities. As an added bonus, the price was the best available of any online. It appears you operate in the "Mom and Pop" tradition of service - attention and values that founded America and helped grow it strong. This is one of the best experiences I've had in the 3 weeks since returning home to the US. Thank you, and God bless America!

David - TX

I really appreciated Fortress Tactical's detailed descriptions of each product, and was highly impressed by their professionalism and business savvy. I have a friend who recommended another site to me (we all love references and recommendations), but when I called Fortress, they worked with me to get a similar/better deal. I was told that even if I didn't buy from them, not to use the default leather Taser case, and to get something secure like the Tuff Products holster. Going above and beyond to advise a would-be customer (even if they don't buy from you) is a shining example of business professionalism. I was extremely happy with the customer service shown, and would not hesitate to recommend Fortress Tactical to anyone considering a Taser purchase.

Sean - CA

Just wanted to say thank you for a great ordering experience... I placed my order on 3/2, and received it on 3/5. This is my first order from you, but it will not be my last. I conduct defense courses that stress less-than-lethal, and I will be promoting Fortress Tactical in my classes. You are by far the fastest company to ever ship my order. Again, thanks for a great experience!

My experience with Fortress has been outstanding (to say the least). It has been my pleasure to purchase supplies through you guys, not only because of the quick and unencumbered service, but most importantly - competitive pricing. I have never encountered a problem, but should one develop, I am most confident the matter will be resolved hassle-free. I will continue to do business with you - quite simply due to your professionalism and great "response time". Thank you!

L. A. (Larry) Dudgeon - Chief of Police, Centralia Police Department

I have to say - your operation is superb! In addition to receiving my order the next day, the shoulder rig for the X26 is excellent! I will definitely refer fellow agents to Fortress Tactical. Furthermore, it's good to know I can rely on you for all our tactical needs as well.

I. Newcomb - CEO, Safeguard Industries

Just wanted to say that this has been the most pleasurable buying experience I've had in a long time. The SUPER fast shipping and OUTSTANDING communication on your part made this a PERFECT transaction! This is the way to gain loyal customers, and you did it. My husband also bookmarked your site, so you have gained two new loyal customers. Thanks again for all your help. We'll be sure to check your site first when buying tactical items.

Debbie - OH

Great and fast service! I put in an order for some equipment on a Friday, and even with an address error, received it before I went off to training 6 days later. We had just moved into a new office, and I realized after I ordered that the address I supplied was incorrect. I left a message late Saturday night, and was promptly called back Sunday morning by a staff member to verify the address change before shipping on Monday. I'll have no problem ordering more equipment from these guys!

B. Elliott - AZ USFWS

Just wanted to thank you for all the help! You definitely take care of your customers... Looking forward to doing business with you in the future!

Luis Fajardo - SSG, USAR

In only a few e-mails, I have discovered something: you believe that customer service is not just a division name, and your customers are appreciated and given courtesy. This practice was at one time common in business, but today (sadly) is rather uncommon. I will be a bit redundant, and say it again: I so very much appreciate it! I would also imagine that all (or most) of you customers feel the same, even if they don't say so. I am so impressed by you and your company, that it will be my pleasure to recommend Fortress Tactical (without hesitation) to any/all I might contact expressing any need I think you can fill.


For a few years now, I've been buying everything from TASERs and pepper spray to flashlights and holsters at, and I've never had a single issue. I always refer my closest friends to Fortress, because I know they're in good hands. In addition (since I'm so impressed with their service), Fortress Tactical is usually the first place I check when needing any industry-related product, in hopes that they might carry it. Fortress is very knowledgeable about the products they offer, and have always been able to answer any questions I may have. Fortress operates with excellence - by sending order confirmations promptly, shipping orders accurately (at awesome prices), and providing the best communication I've ever had with any of our vendors. It's for the reasons listed above (and many others) that I am leaving this feedback. We will continue to do business whenever the opportunity arises!

Paul - Owner, PM Protection

I very recently purchased one of your TASER C2 Tac/Pro carry packages with the Tuff Products holster. Many thanks!! The addition of the Hogue grip on the TASER C2 makes a HUGE difference when handling and unholstering, especially for someone with large hands (like myself). The hardened plastic case to store or transport the TASER is of high quality - in fact, everything about the merchandise and wonderful service is of high quality! Much obliged for your help in making this a seamless and satisfying transaction.

Dale - CA

I am not in the habit of writing reviews, but my excellent purchasing experience with Fortress Tactical motivated me to "shout out". Simply put, I recently experienced a very close encounter with an unfriendly dog while out on a walk in my neighborhood. This made me realize just how naive and unprepared I was to protect myself. In researching (due to their most thorough product listings and explanations) I chose Fortress Tactical. To anyone considering purchasing a protection product from Fortress Tactical, I highly recommend them. Good products and great service!

Lynn - FL

I just wanted to thank you for the speed with which you filled and shipped my order. It arrived today, and I am very pleased. I'm certain that unhappy customers are quick to write (including myself), so I try to remember to drop a quick note when I'm happy as well. I'm confident you will be seeing future orders from me. Thanks again!

Shane - WA

I would like to thank you guys for making my transaction as quick, smooth, and as satisfying as possible. Your company had the best deals on the net for the Taser C2. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that I could get the C2 (w/ laser), two spare cartridges, and a holster - for less than most other online retailers were charging for the device alone! I absolutely love the TUFF brand holster that you sent me free with my order. It is a must-have for anyone thinking about purchasing the C2. I will be recommending your site to all of my friends and colleagues. Keep up the good work!

Brandon - ND

This company is, bar none, the best personal defense equipment store I have EVER purchased from. The customer service and willingness to satisfy the customer is amazing. It truly is a "customer first" company. I will recommend friends, family, and strangers alike to FORTRESS TACTICAL. I will be back. It's the ONLY place I will go to fulfill my Taser needs.

SGT Robert Evans - US Army (ret)

I wanted to write and thank you for your prompt and complete fulfillment of my order. I took possession of the package yesterday afternoon at the post office. All items were packed with excellent care, and I was supprised and pleased to receive some of your business cards and promotional items. I will be sure to hand them out to my employees and fellow security officers. I was able to successfully test both the X26C and the C2 (post activation), and both of the products work perfectly. My wife, after reading and watching the included training DVD, loved the pink C2, and feels much safer with it in her nightstand. The X26C will be a great tool to add to my duty belt, and fills a large gap between my ASP and firearm with regards to using force. Fortress Tactical offers top-of-the-line less-than-lethal weapons and should be commended on selling only reputable, highly tested, street-proven products that many law enforcement, military, and security agencies across the United States rest their safety in everyday. I look forward to checking back often as your business expands, and new quality products are offered. I look forward to doing future business with your company regarding all of my Taser replacement cartridge and DPM/LPM needs. Thank you again for a great customer service/focused transaction. Please feel free to use my email as a published review if you so desire.

J. Carland - Director of Operations, Protection Plus Security Services Inc

I recently ordered my first Taser C2, and gave that to my fiance as a gift since I'm gone so much at night. I work in an emergency room, and we take care of a lot of violent people late at night - with no real security to speak of. I was so satisfied with your prompt email updates and customer service for the first Taser that I'm ordering again for me! I'll also recommend you to everyone I know (nurses, other physicians, etc.) looking for a Taser. Thank you!

Daniel - LA

Thanks for the fast shipping and processing. I've ordered from Quartermaster and Galls, and things always take forever to get here. I've told all my officers about your company, and they to are going to start ordering from you. Thanks again, and I will be doing more business with you.

Tony - CA

I just received my order today, and to tell you the truth, I wasn't expecting it for another week! I was very pleased with the service I received. You guys at Fortress Tactical do awesome service! Also, thanks for the drop-leg holster. I will definitely pass the word on to others the great job you guys do!

Tyler Wooding - PA

It's not every day I feel the need to let someone know how much I appreciated their service, but I thought a quick note to you was warranted. I recently ordered from you and your company, and when I decided to make a change to the order, you were not only gracious enough to do so, but saved me shipping costs as well. The product arrived as you said it would, and quickly. No problems. I know everybody is too busy these days, but wanted you to know your service was appreciated.

Sgt J. Modl - Altoona Police Department

Thank you very much for the best transaction I've ever had. The TUFF PRODUCTS TASER HOLSTER was shipped promptly, and well-packed. I work for one of the largest sheriff's departments in the world, and even though most of our equipment is furnished, we still have to purchase some "OPTIONAL USE" items. When I needed such an item - you were right there, and I hope to continue buying with Fortress Tactical. Thanks a million Mike!!

Deputy R. Ichikawa - Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

I work as a law enforcement officer for a small six to eight man department. Like many other officers from any agency, I like to buy much of my own equipment. I have purchased several items from Fortress Tactical, and am one hundred percent satisfied with every product. First and foremost is the package you receive in the mail. It is very clean, well protected, and at your doorstep within just a few days. I can personally attest to no more than two days. Second is the ease and use of the internet when ordering. I found it to be simple and easy to follow. Third is the internet site. The availability of TASER accessories, such as holsters and batteries, covers about every single purpose for any law enforcement officer. Nearly every manufacturer of TASER-related equipment is available. Every item on this website has multiple clear photos that show the item from several angles. It's like holding the item in your hand. Then there's great description, availability and price. I have also spoken to Mike at Fortress Tactical on the phone, to personally tell him how impressed I am with his website. After speaking to Mike, I came to the conclusion that this business is dedicated to it's customers. To anyone looking for TASER accessories, I recommend Fortress Tactical.

Officer H. Sisk - NC

We purchased a Taser C2 from Fortress to use in training senior citizens in personal security. We consider the C2 as an alternative to firearms (which should be used only by experts) and to pepper spray (which can be shrugged off by those under the influence of certain drugs). Also, we feel that the C2 with laser is far more intimidating than a pepper spray dispenser. The C2 is a technical marvel. I've known about the product for quite some time, but this is my first experience in handling one. It's very small, yet packs exactly the same clout as its pistol-shaped bigger brothers. Loading is a snap (literally), and the unit feels very robust and virtually indestructible. It would be difficult to grasp the C2 wrong, and the firing mechanism falls directly under the thumb. We bought the model with the integrated laser and illuminator, which we strongly recommend. Both turn ON when the sliding cover to the FIRE button is opened. The illuminator is LED, sufficient in a darkened area. The laser is perfect, and both are properly aligned with the firing path. One important feature of the C2 is that after firing - from 15' away or so - the unit becomes a formidable contact stun gun with loud and impressive lightning.

In support of the training I'm doing, Mr. Lane provided a target that simulates a living body. When hit with Taser darts it generates impressive sparkles - very intimidating! Working with Mr. Lane was a pleasure. He provided excellent information, extra service, and speedy shipment. He is an expert in Taser products in general and in the C2 specifically, and made important recommendations. Even after purchase, his help in getting answers to questions was very useful. The combination of the product and the vendor is perfect for us. We definitely will refer others to him as a resource.

Henry, LtCol USMC (ret) - CA

I am ecstatic about my recent Taser purchase. You were able to get me the right Taser for my application at the absolute best price I could find anywhere. I feel confident about carrying this self-defense device in high-risk areas. With your exceptional customer service, and attention to detail, I will make certain to refer my friends interested in Taser products to you. It was such a pleasure doing business with you.

Scott - OH

I just received the holster I ordered and it looks and feels great. I think the best part of it is when I opened the envelope and found the tract in there. Praise God!!! I think it's pretty cool that you are using your business as an opportunity to glorify God. I will definitely recommend your website to the guys in my department, and I look forward to using your site again also.

David - CA

Good job with the web site. I like it. I can attest to one of your statements on the "X" series link: "Our relationship with you is always more important than a sale." You have been a pleasure to do business with.

Dale - CA

The order came in early today - in perfect condition. If you ever visit the island, please come by the restaurant. You and your wife are cordially invited to try our Paella with a bottle of our house Tempranillo. Very nice doing business with you. We will surely contact you again for anything Taser-related.

Andres - Puerto Rico