For great deals AND free shipping, order your next Primary Weapons Systems AR10/AR15 rifle, pistol, lower or upper at Fortress Tactical! Discriminating shooters consider the long-stroke piston system to be the best quality for the money. Back that up with awesome customer support, and PWS is an easy choice. Proud to be a factory-direct master dealer, we also offer wholesale prices to qualified dealers on MOD1 and MOD2 uppers, rifles or pistols in 223 Wylde, 300 Blackout, 308 & 762X39. Law enforcement/military discounts available upon request!

M+M M10X-Z Rifle 762X39 M+M M10X-Z Rifle 762X39
Our Price: $1,599.00
Sale: $1,049.00
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Franklin Pistol Receiver BFSIII AR-S1 SBA3 Franklin Pistol Receiver BFSIII AR-S1
MSRP: $849.00
Sale: $599.00
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PWS MK111 MOD2-M Upper 11.85" 762X39 PWS MK111 MOD2 Upper 762X39
Early Order: $1,099.00
Deposit: $50.00
PWS MK2 MOD1 Stripped Lower PWS MK2 MOD1 Stripped Lower
Our Price: $189.00
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CMMG AR15 Conversion Upper 16" 9mm CMMG AR15 Conversion Upper 16 Inch 9mm
MSRP: $809.00
Below Cost: $689.00
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